About Us

About Us

SGPM India Relocation Pvt. Ltd.

We are a group of men working consistently to help you and your families shift your household goods and other items you may have in your home. Shifting household is a huge big task, but it is warranted by the exigencies of time when you are transferred from one job location to another. This is where our company is going to help you out in all ways possible.

And the best thing about us is that we do the task in no time. We never waste a single moment, and do our best to help you get your goods shifted in time. We are aware how important everything is for you when you want everything to be shifted. You don’t want to leave anything behind, and you want your new home to reflect all the values of your old home.

You are bound to feel at home in a short while in your new home because you are bound to find everything arranged in your new home exactly as it was in your old home. Our professionals deal with the packing and unpacking in the ideal way to ensure there is nothing broken while the goods are being shifted. This way, you are bound to be another happy and satisfied customer.

Why Us?

Sri Ganga Packers and Movers is one of the superb packaging & relocate Business Company in Lucknow. We are one of the most knowledgeable and familiar packing and moving, loading & unloading service providers that offers the top of the services at the nominal amount and moment in time.


Our staff well trained shift your house and office quickly.


Multiple features to ensure your goods is always save and secure during shifting.


Our expert deliver your goods with timely and safety.

IBA Approved

Skilful IBA Approved Packers and Movers

The packers and movers are very helpful for shifting things to the new location where the people wish to stay. There are verified group of companies in which they do the shifting process in a successful manner and in a very effective way. The relocation services are provided in several places in India. People can choose them for relocation purposes.

There is a separate authentic lead who is governing all the processes that are carried out while transporting the goods. There are no chances of the scams happening with the proper governance. The IBA Approved Packers will always perfect in their way and have gained many successes in the logistics or transport industry.

The IBA always have concerns to avoid the problems taking place in the name of scams in the industry of packers and movers. So, they also follow up on the authorized companies that are involved in the shifting processes all over the places in India. The IBA Approved Packers are very professional and need not worry about the service that they provide.

The IBA also has a list of companies of packers and movers that are IBA Approved Packers that are authentic and can be trusted by everyone. These approved companies will have the guidance of the government and are authorized to do their business in a very perfect manner. There are more than 500 operators who are involved in the transport facility. They work for the people to minimize the stress of shifting or transporting. It is always safe for the people to opt for the one who is approved by the IBA.

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Bill for Claim

The billing system makes the work easy

The billing documents play an important role in all the fields of business. It acts as evidence for selling or buying things from one organization to another organization. These documents are one the most important documents in the shipping industry for sending goods to foreign countries. Mostly the uses of the bill for claim the amount from the consigner side for the related items. No one can able to cheat the owner related to the money issues because they used to note all the information clearly in the billing documents.

About billing system:

In the olden days, all the shops will make use of the notepad to give the bill to their customers. Without the billing process, the business is incomplete to run their work. The developed industry must have to follow the bill for claim for the taxes which they have to show the governments to their business further without any issue from them. With the help of bills, they can able to calculate the profit and loss of their work. If they are not maintaining their bill system, then they can’t come to know the business state whether the business is running in a loss state or in a profit state.

Many software was introduced in which they can give the printed bill to the customer. Mostly, the bill for claim will consist of all the company details, items list, price amount, and related details of the ordered items. In the printed bill, no one can able to rewrite it. The people have to make use of it when they need to exchange or return their items to the shops.

Why we are best form others

Packers and Movers Lucknow



Our team together run a 24/7 operation and perform their duties with dedication.



Our company gives customers free live tracking with each delivery.



In Our Organization have 750 plus vehicles for complete service.



We have professional, verified and well trained drivers for safety.



Our tracking notification service delivery messages to recipients.



Receive real-time notification via email/SMS for estamited delevery.